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Then unzip the files in the update to replace the IX1D.EXE, IX1D.HLP and IX1D.CNT.

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Version 3.40 June 2012

Compiled with new Intel compiler.

Added function to split existing record into many smaller records.

Fixed problem with trace amp being reduced when traces are skipped during plotting with large files.

Fixed problem with traces being plotted outside the graph when zoomed.

Added notation for number of traces skipped when there are too many traces to plot them all.

Updated manual and put link on this page.

Version 3.33 August 2010

Added weighting factor to File/Subtract Second trace file.

Fixed problem with not importing ASCII file if too many traces were requested..

Added check for importing new data before existing changed data was saved or exported.

Version 3.32 May 2010

Added capability to pad beginning or end of traces with any constant in the Edit menu. Cosine taper is available to remove step transition to/from pad.

Added IEEE float to list of format options for reading noncompliant SEG-Y files, such as SU files.

Version 3.31 April 2010

Added import of Geometrics .VS and SIP/SIPwin .PIK first break files for SEG-2 input if found.

Added ability to sum multiple records into a single record.

Fixed problem with program hanging if trace locations were very large and almost identical by disallowing plot by trace position in that case.

Version 3.30 May 2009

Added capability to step through import of files with similar names by using File/Next File or File/Previous File. The same capability is available by pressing PgDn or PgUp respectively.

Using the + or - key will increment or decrement the trace width (overall gain) by sqrt(2)

Using the keys G, T or A will switch the gain method to Global max, Trace max or AGC.

Fixed bug in FK filter which had DF off by x 1000.

Fixed SEG-2 import so **** fields are imported as unknown, without generating a read error.

Added Uninstall Capability

Version 3.29 27 May 08

Fixed bug in pick export position/offset choice.

Added ability to convert from unsigned 2-byte integer.

Added batch import from ASCII files.

Added batch conversion from Unsigned integer.

Added cross correlation.

Added more detail to error message when header strings are longer than 4096 characters.

Fixed shot header editor so shot position is not edited if traces have different shot positions.

Shot header editor no longer is automatically invoked when SEG-Y files are concatenated.Version 3.28

14 February 08

Added trace equalization and ability to gain individual traces.

Fixed minor problem with F-K spectrum graph label for horizontal axis.

Added pictures to help file.

Added PDF manual.

Version 3.27 27 August 2007

Fixed minor bugs with ASCII file import.

Added more options to trace truncation, allowing truncation from the beginning and also guided by the first break pick on a selected trace.

Fixed so that first time sample in ASCII import is now used to calculate delay time.

Added options to ASCII file output so that column labels can be added, positions can be written as first value and time values can be written to column 1.

Fixed problem with IBM format conversion hanging when mantissa was zero.

Fixed problem with sometimes crashing when merging files.

Fixed problem with SEG-Y files not being properly treated after editing geometry in shot header.

Version 3.26 11 May 2007

Fixed problem with traces not displaying in horizontal mode.

Fixed some formatting problems in NMO and other dialogs.

Fixed first break export to allow for exporting offset.

First break output is optionally comma delimited.

Trace values are shown as mouse is pointed at traces.

Wavelet is now displayed in a separate window. Wavelet can be printed or exported as an ASCII file. Selecting wavelet allows for optional normalization and cosine taper.

Version 3.25 20 March 2007

Added detection of SEG-Y file by SGY or sgy as file extention.

When the number of traces in a file is zero, number of traces is calculated from total file size and trace length and offered to the user as a suggestion.

Fixed a bug which would result in traces not being displayed in zoom mode when traces were plotted at geophone position.

Trace position is now read from SEG-Y files as the Offset (bytes 37-40 in trace header).

Added a function under Edit to gain traces (multiply all values by a constant value).

Added a "number of traces" to remove in the Edit/Remove traces.

Added functionality such that a .SG2 or .SGY file on the command line would be opened.

Added IEEE floating point output to SEG-Y format

Added ability to write out a single trace when you right-click on the trace.

Version 3.24 01 January 2007

Added alternative copy protection by registration to CPU.

Version 3.23 05 December 2006

Improved graphics performance when viewing a small section of a large trace gather.

Fixed bug where file being read was not shown in dialog for SEG-2 input.

Added more files capability for Combine operation. Changed file list from 8,192 characters to 32,767.

Fixed problem that would limit the trial version to less than 30 days in most cases.

Version 3.22 14 September 2006

Added ASCII text file export of 2-layer refraction interpretation parameters.

Added interactive refractor interpretation which works in a fashion similar to the simple NMO reflector interpretation.

Fixed NMO and Refraction interpretation so that the end of the curve/line can be grabbed by the mouse if it is inside the graph, even if it extends beyond the traces.


Added a spectrum calculation which gives the spectrum of the displayed portion of the traces.

Added a menu option Edit/Remove Traces which allows you to remove some traces from the data.

Version 3.21 1 June 2006

Increased max text width of ASCII import files to 4096 characters

Fixed bug in ASCII import where sample interval was ignored.

Fixed problem with shot record ID not being read from SEG-Y file

Fixed problem with shot northing location being read into shot easting and shot easting location not being read.

Version 3.20 6 April 06

Added spinners to trace width, trace clip and AGC length in trace properties dialog.

Added ability to write NMO results to a text file.

Fixed NMO so that when traces are plotted horizontal, the cursor changes to an E-W arrow rather than a N-S arrow 
when pointing at either end of the NMO curve.

Fixed NMO to work better for reverse shots.

Fixed problem with radio buttons in Export Picks dialog.

Version 3.19 5 February 06

Changed so that SEG-Y headers are preserved if a file is both imported and exported as SEG-Y, for instance when using File/Combine to create multiple record SEG-Y files from many individual SEG-Y files. Changes made by editing the header or use of the Edit/Resample or Edit/Truncate commands are transferred into the SEG-Y headers.

Version 3.18 12 November 05

Fixed so trace identification code in bytes 29-30 of trace header for SEG-Y is 1 (seismic data).

Added check on SEG-Y output to be sure sample interval is between 1 and 32,767 microseconds.

Added check on SEG-Y output to be sure there are no more than 32,767 samples.

Version 3.17 6 October 05

Added label to graph showing gain method used.

Added feature to scale trace plot to a user specified global max.

Version 3.16 21 September 05

Fixed some bugs in global max calculation on SEG-Y and User specified format import.

Added option in View/Properties to display a range of traces.

Repaired File/Concatenate SEG-Y file to work when records had more than one trace.

Version 3.15 18 August 05

Minor change to format in shot header editor to show time values better

Version 3.14 17 May 05

Added function to import trace file and subtract from trace file in memory.

Fixed problem with Convert to SEG-2 and SEG-Y not working.

Version 3.13 1 April 05

Fixed problem with Combine Files using SEG-Y input

Version 3.12 10 March 05

Fixed problem with toolbar being goofed up.

3.11 5 March 05

Fixed problem with BP and FK filter where new trace max info was not calculated for filtered traces.

Improved IXSeg2Segy's chances of finding its help file.

Added output of multiple picked trace files to a single GRM format ASCII file.

Version 3.10 24 January 05

Fixed problem with estimated geophone spacing being added to geophone locations.

Fixed problem with date and time being read in Oyo formats.

Fixed several minor problems concerning transfer of data from Oyo to SEG-Y format.

Version 3.09 18 January 05

Added TXT files to ASCII import and export

Changed font on import ASCII file display screens to Courier New

Fixed problem with writing out y-component of Station Location in SEG-2 format

Fixed problem with output of Merge to SEG-Y

Completed addition of Fixed Gain/Instrument Gain Constant between SEG-2 and SEG-Y formats

Completed addition of Total static applied between SEG-2 and SEG-Y formats

Version 3.08 21 December 2004

Fixed trace headers in SEG-Y so last 60 bytes are hex 00 instead of hex 20.

Write data set name to LINE (card image 2) in SEG-Y 3200 byte ASCII/EBCDIC header. Miscellaneous other small fixes to SEG-Y output.

Modified OYO-8 format to properly import File Number, Low Pass Filter, number of vertical stacks, gain, time and date. Also import field notes, geophone y-locations and elevations.

Made sure that modified Oyo imports are written to SEG-Y files.

Version 3.07 16 December 2004

Fixed problems with trace display regarding clip and width. Also with autoscaling in this regard to trace number. This also concerned gain to global max.

Fixed minor problem with rubber band box appearing on an expose or resize message.

Changed some of the dialog entries where floating point numbers reverted to exponential format.

ASCII import now tries to estimate number of traces and samples.

Changed so date is transferred from SEG-Y to SEG-2.

Version 3.05 27 August 2004

Fixed naming convention so that SEG-Y files with multiple records carry the record number at the end of the name, as FILENAME-SEQ#. SEQ# is preceded with 0's if shorter than max digits in file.

Changed output format for source and receiver location to F10.1

Version 3.04 27 May 2004

Fixed bug where locations were scaled by 100 in SEG-Y output but scale factor was written as -100. On input, scale factor was ignored as it was less than 0.
Version 3.03 5 May 2004

Added a menu option to concatenate records in a SEG-Y file. This is used when the number of traces per record is not correctly specified (e.g. specified as 1) and the file contains only a single record.

Version 3.01 1 March 2004

Added truncation and resampling of traces. Truncation leaves sample rate the same but loses values on the end of the traces. Resampling keeps same trace length in time, but with the new number of samples, changing the sample interval accordingly.

Added NMO correction. This displays a line based on a flat reflector and allows the user to modify the line numerically or graphically to fit a curved event. Results show velocity and depth of reflector.

Fixed problem where plotting colors would change after palette change in F-K filter screen. Traces used to change color from blue to green, for instance.

Version 3.02 23 April 2004

Fixed loss of INI file. Now, INI file is read and INW file is created with registration information. If program crashes, old INI file is intact. If program successfully completes, new info is added to INW file, old INI file is deleted and INW file is renamed to INI.

Added odometer to Combine menu option showing which file is being read and combined to output file. Also fixed so SEG-Y read retains the field in bytes 9-12 of the trace header and, if this is zero when the shot is combined to the SEG-Y output, this is set to the number of the record in the file.

Version 3.00

Changed ini file directory to execution file directory.

Fixed so that with SEG-Y, if number of traces per shot is 0, user is prompted.

Prompts user for which shot to read in multiple-shot SEG-Y. Shots counted by file size using number of shots per record times number of traces times number of samples and format.

In file conversion to SEG-2 or SEG-Y, SEG-Y files with multiple shots are exported with the shot sequence number (1, 2, 3...) appended to the export file name.

Changed toolbar buttons so all have transparent background.

Added feature to combine multiple files into a single SEG-Y file. All files must have same size data, same sample rate, same trace length, same number of traces per file.

Added bandpass filtering with interactive windows.

Added F-K velocity filtering with interactive windows.

Added import/export of flat ASCII or CSV files.

Fixed bug in FIRSTPIX format import.

Version 2.08 18 February 2003

Fixed bug in radio buttons on user defined import dialog

Version 2.07 22 August 2002

Fixed bug where output of sample rate in SEG-2 format rounded up to nearest hundredth of ms (nearest 10 usec).

Fixed bug when file names have no extension and therefore no dot (".").

Version 2.06 5 August 2002:

Added Integration, Differentiation, DC Level Removal and DeTrending

Fixed bug with autoscaling when only one trace is present.

Fixed bug with autoscaling for horizontal traces where vertical labels were miniscule.
Now no more than 12 major divisions are allowed when plotting by trace number.

Version 2.05 25 July 2002:

Wavelet selection now works when horizontal display is distance.

Added 1-D flat refraction interpretation using slope/intercept time

Version 2.02 February 2002:

Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.01 18 January 2002:

Fixed it so it will read SEG-2 files in cases where the file and trace header string fields contain imbedded nulls and other non-printable characters.

Version 2.00 10 January 2002:

Help is now available.

A toolbar has been added

File Merge has been added to merge several input files to several output files. This can be used, for instance, to convert from shot gathers to common offset gathers or to take down hole multi-component data and sort it into separate files each containing a single component.

A new data format, the Oyo Suspension Pslog format has been added. This format is designed mainly for use with File/Merge as the data contain 2 pairs of 3 components.

This What's New file has been started.


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