Seismic Shot Record Conversion and First Break Picking

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IXSeg2Segy is a 32-bit program Windows designed to read SEG-1, SEG-2, SEG-Y and other instrument manufacturer’s multi-channel seismic data formats and output the data as SEG-2 or SEG-Y files. 

IXSeg2Segy allows the user to pick first breaks manually by positioning the mouse cursor at the break point on the trace and clicking the left mouse button. Automatic break picks can be made using four different methods. 

IXSeg2Segy allows the user to convert groups of files to SEG-2 or SEG-Y format and to export the first break picks to an ASCII file. Unregistered versions do not support these two features.   

Formats Supported


* Can be added on request from registered users. 


Licensing and Distribution

IXSeg2Segy is distributed as shareware. The license allows for a 21-day evaluation period. After the evaluation you are required to register the package in order to continue using it. Registration fee is $299.00

Registered Versions

Registered users can obtain e-mail support by sending requests for assistance, bug fixes and feature enhancements to info@interpex.com Please include the registration name and registration number and attach the files with which you are having problems to your e-mail request.

Download the shareware

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